Teacher Resources

Systemic Reform Files

  1. Systemic Reform Files

Lesson Planner

  1. Lesson Planner


  1. Setting up Groups in Star Reading and Star Math (for Report)
  2. Setting up Groups in Accelerated Math
  3. Setting a Goal in Renaissance Math
  4. Monitoring Renaissance Math

Using Windows Movie Maker 2012

  1. Movie Maker Tutorial

Smart Board Tutorial

  1. Smart Board Tutorial


  1. Sample Literacy Goal

Using Power Teacher

  1. Using PowerTeacher
  2. Emailing Parents from PowerTeacher
  3. Using PowerSchool and PowerTeacher
  4. Accessing Printers
  5. Quick Reference Card
  6. Using Gradebook - Quick Reference

UBDB and Professional Development

  1. Culturally Responsive
  2. PIE
  3. Project Based Learning
  4. CES Brain Writing Template
  5. CES Differentiation
  6. Jeopardy Powerpoint (CES)
  7. UBD PowerPoint (CES)
  8. Understanding by Design Template (pdf)
  9. Understanding by Design Template (doc)
  10. UBD Overview
  11. UBD Lesson Planner
  12. Depth of Knowledge Chart
  13. Depth of Knowledge Wheel
  14. Blooms Taxonomy

APA Format

  1. APA Format Examples (print out)

Using Edmodo

  1. Edmodo Teacher Manual
  2. Quick Start Guide

Creating a WIX Website

  1. Get a Free Website Here
  2. WIX Tutorial

Using Google Docs

  1. Tutorial
  2. Tutorial 2
  3. Using Google Drive and Google Docs
  4. Sharing Google Docs
  5. Another Sharing Guide

Using Google Spreadsheets

  1. Using Google Spreadsheets
  2. Tutorial

Using Google Presentations

  1. Creating Google Presentations (Powerpoints)
  2. Tutorial

Using Khan Academy Class Room

  1. What It's About
  2. Tutorial

Setting Up A Google Site

  1. Directions

Nspire Calculator Lessons

  1. Directions