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Emailing parents from Powerschool

You can email all of your parents, or the parents in a particular class using the directions below.

Set up your Signature. Open up the grade book and click on the Tools menu and select Preferences at the bottom. Then click the Mail tab and type in what you want to appear in your signature.

Now select the class you want to email and click on Tools again. Now select Email Students and Parents. (Only parent emails are available.)

A screen will pop up, allowing you to select multiple classes if you wish. Then click Next.

Click the button next to Parents/Guardians to select all the parents.

Type in your subject and message and click Send Now.

There's also another way to email parents. Click the class you want to email in the gradebook. Below, in the Student Groups window, right-click the Active students and select Email. The parents will automatically be selected. However, you cannot select multiple classes this way.